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Bojan Bedrač

Hi! I'm Bojan Bedrač, a passionate software developer who lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Follow me on Twitter or buy me a coffee.

Conditional statement the safe way

June 15, 2015

Conditional statements seem easy and there should be no real complexity behind them. On the other hand how many times a simple mistake like this happened to you?

Conditional statement the readable way

June 03, 2015

Sometimes we as developers can be tempted to combine multiple conditional expressions in one long worm-like expression that is hard to understand, let alone test. Such cases should either be avoided or follow a coding style guide, which would at the very least improve the readability of a combined expression.

How to recognize bad code?

December 13, 2014

A simple description would say bad code equals untested or untestable code. While the former is something that can rather easily be overcome, the latter is a completely different story. It is unfortunately present in many legacy applications and takes a big amount of commitment and knowledge to overcome successfully.